_Our Why_ It’s the Multifeeder Technology Way

Our Why: It’s the MFT Automation Way

Jan 22, 2021 1:00:00 PM / by Peter Nordling

What defines a good company? A good machine and automation manufacturer? A good employer?

A place with a purpose.

At MFT Automation, our purpose is built upon 3 pillars: our proven process that we’ve spent years refining and perfecting, our incredibly talented team, and our constant drive for continuous improvement. These three strengths support the MFT Automation Way; a method for creating high performance systems that stand out on production lines and an intention our entire team stands behind. 

Proven Process

It takes time, determination, and skill to perfect something. And while we don’t necessarily believe in perfection, we do believe in the pursuit of perfection. That’s how we feel about our machine automation process. 

Through the years, we’ve collaborated across teams and with customers to refine a process that supports every step needed for a successful project. Whether you’re working with us on a single machine or a complex system, our application team works hard to take the following steps:  

Proven Process


Our Team

MFT Automation (fka Multifeeder Technology) was created in the 1990s by a motivated family of engineers; the Nordlings. Over the years we’ve quickly become globally recognized as a servo system and automation equipment manufacturer. Our company has over 300 years of combined engineering experience, along with over 125 years of master machining expertise.


I was born and raised on a farm [and] in some cases we had machinery that would break down, but we had a blacksmith shop that we fabricated parts in. It showed what you had to do to make things work.” - Neal Nordling, President & CEO 


Our team continues to bring Neal’s words to life each and everyday; we do what we need to do to make things work. We innovate. We collaborate. We focus. We are ethical. And, we put customers first. These actions are driven by a set of core values that we prioritize. 

Core Values


It’s because of our talented and dedicated team that we’re able to provide fantastic support for aftermarket spare parts, coaching, and repairs. And, we’re able to bring field support to our customers’ front doors to help on the factory floor with qualifications, training, and support. Our team is motivated by the fact that the only way we can succeed is if our customers succeed. It’s a driver for us now and always. 




Vertically Integrated Company

We’re proud to be a vertically integrated company built in the USA. This business structure allows us to perform many tasks that would be commonly carried out by suppliers (source). Because we’re a full machine shop, we’re able to control the quality of the parts and ensure they’re created and ordered on time for our customers. 


Our engineering and machinists constantly strive towards collaboration, improved designs, and innovation. Together, we build purposeful controls and servo technology that’s meant for top performance. We credit this success to our team’s drive for manufacturing products using the Toyota Way methodology. Through this approach, our team embraces continuous improvement and respect for people - including our customers, team members, and partners - on a daily basis.


What is the Toyota Way_


These three pillars motivate customers to work with us. They’re pivotal in our ability to operate as a team and build high performance and robust automation systems around the globe. If you’re looking for an automation manufacturer who continuously brings cutting edge engineering and technology to the table, give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss how we can bring a competitive advantage to your production line.

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Peter Nordling

Written by Peter Nordling

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