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The Best Method for Printing on Medical Tyvek Pouch Packaging

The Medical Packaging Industry must adhere to strict safety guidelines and standards for the safety of patients. A compromised or contaminated product could be the difference between life or death for a patient and a massive liability for the medical packaging company. Under these tough safety standards, the Medical Packaging Industry has found ways to innovate and create a safer packaging process and product. The medical packaging market’s value is expected to reach almost $42 billion dollars by 2026 but they’re not immune to current packaging trends. Pouches have taken the consumer packaging industry by storm and now this flexible packaging option is making its way into the Medical Packaging sector. One innovation that has revolutionized the Medical Packaging Industry is the Tyvek pouch packaging for medical devices and instruments. 

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Keeping Things Moving: Upgrade Your Automation System with Conveyors

One of the most significant advantages of automating, or even partially automating a process, is the time saved by allowing workers to focus on more than one task or eliminating the need for human workers altogether. An uninterrupted process is a significant factor in successful production. From simple to complex automation systems, conveyors keep things moving within the system and in some cases even extend the system’s capacity and runtimes. A conveyor can be a silent hero of a system but the wrong conveyor can be an obtrusive nuisance that needs constant attention and upkeep. 

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Best Automated Labeling Method for High Speed Labeling

Manually labeling products works fine at a small production volume but once production increases even slightly, labeling becomes a monumental and tedious task. Automating a labeling system can seem like a daunting investment but the increase in productivity and savings on wages makes the return on investment worth it. Depending on the application, budget, and demand, high-speed labeling is a valuable option for companies to increase their productivity. High-speed labeling is an option for most applications, including labeling boxes, bottles, scratch-off games, Unique Device Identification (UDI) codes, Universal Product Codes (UPC), and more. Just starting your search for a labeling system? This article from PMMI can also get you started on the right path. 

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