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Six Essential Services and Aftermarket Offerings from MFT Automation

Dec 12, 2023 4:40:11 PM / by Lily Enzler

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automation systems, Friction Feeders, Labelers, and more, MFT Automation has been providing customers with high-performance automation solutions for over 27 years. We understand that in today’s market, time is money. Your machine and systems need to be running to keep up with demand and any downtime can have costly consequences. MFT Automation supports its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of aftermarket service offerings and serves as a partner throughout the lifetime of your equipment or system.  

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Training is the first step to ensuring a long lifetime of service. After Installation, MFT Automation offers training for your equipment operators and technicians. Training is important to provide a solid foundation for running the system to its full potential. Our experienced Service Team works closely with our other Teams during the system’s assembly and testing process so that they can efficiently teach and explain the machine.  

Field Support Service 

From installation to troubleshooting, our Field Service Team has the knowledge and experience to provide the necessary on-site support. Our Field Service Team works closely with our Integration Team during the final steps of the Integration and Installation process to fully understand the Customer’s system. This allows them to expertly troubleshoot and efficiently handle problems. Our expert Field Service Team can provide technical documents and insightful tips and tricks.

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Technical Phone and Video Support

MFT Automation offers Technical Phone and Video Support for troubleshooting and supplying the necessary technical documentation. Our attentive Service Support Team is available via telephone for quick problem-solving during normal business hours. Sometimes a problem needs to be seen but there are too many constraints, such as time, money, distance, and more, that make it difficult for an on-site visit. Another option is Online Video Support where customers can show our Service team members the problem in real time via online video chats. Our service team is available by appointment via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and more. 

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Refurbishment and Repairs

If you have challenges with your MFT equipment or system, you can contact us and send in your system for evaluation. We understand that your repair demands develop quickly. At our facility, our expert team of Technicians will diagnose your machine efficiently to mitigate any problems. We do warranty and non-warranty repairs on MFT equipment and systems.  

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Spare Parts

Our Customer Service team of experts can help you quickly identify parts and advise on which parts are prone to wear out sooner. Our Customer Service team is available by phone and email to quickly assist in ordering spare parts, accessories, and machine manuals.  

Current MFT Automation customers get 24/7 access to the Spare Parts Portal, our online store for spare parts, accessories, and manuals. Register today to access a convenient shopping and ordering experience at the Parts Portal.   

Part offerings include:  

  • A la carte (individually priced items) 
  • Standard Parts Kits 
  • Consumables Parts Kit 
  • Uptime Parts Kit 

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Demo Video Support

Have another product you want your system to run or are you thinking of adding another production line? We offer FREE demo video support. Simply explain your application to your sales representative and send in samples of your product. We will test the product on our machines and send you a video of the test for you to review. Our qualified and experienced Application Specialists can easily identify solutions and challenges and advise on the next steps.  

MFT Automation: Your Automation Solution Partner

MFT Automation is a world leader in automation systems, specializing in friction feeders, labelers, integrated systems, and robotics. Our success can be attributed to our engineering-oriented and customer-driven approach to the design and production of our systems. From the first draft to the integration and installation of the system, MFT Automation collaborates with customers to find the best solution. Our teams of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers work together with unmatched synergy to identify and develop solutions to automation challenges. We provide custom automation solutions owing to our abundant in-house resources.  Our machines are proudly produced in-house by experienced machinists and production specialists with access to a full-scale machine shop with modern CNC and lathe tools. Our Integration team specializes in testing and putting the finishing touches on the system. After integration and installation, we offer abundant after-market and customer services. 

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Lily Enzler

Written by Lily Enzler

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