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MFT Automation will be exhibiting at Label Expo Americas 2022 at Boot 3802

Join us at LabelExpo Americas 2022

MFT Automation will be exhibiting at LabelExpo Americas 2022! Join us in Chicago, IL, September 13-15. LabelExpo Americas is part of a global series of label and packaging print events that connect the global print and packaging industry. This three-day event brings together major players in the North American labeling and packaging industries including printers/converters, brand owners, designers, suppliers, and more. LabelExpo Americas is a brilliant showcase of the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Visit us at Booth #3802!

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Robotics in the Food Packaging Industry

Since the dawn of automation, the food packaging industry has always been a top consumer of robotics for their production lines. The fast-paced food packaging industry works hard to keep up with the growing demands of consumers and recently has been trying to overcome the recent global events and concerns. The food packaging robotics market size is expected to grow by over $1.03 billion in 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public interest in food safety with many consumers demanding transparency and pushing for more regulations and requirements for food packaging. This public outcry has incentivized companies to eliminate even more human contact from their food packaging production lines. To meet the growing food safety and output demands of consumers, the food packaging industry is once again turning towards more automation.

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What is a Friction Feeder? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies have seen the benefits of automating their processes. Friction feeders are a powerful piece of automation equipment, capable of enhancing a system or boosting productivity as a standalone piece of equipment. Just learning about automation or friction feeders? As automation and friction feeder experts we have all the frequently asked questions answered!

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What is a friction feeder?

How does a friction feeder work?

Where are friction feeders used?

Will it feed my product?

Why invest in a friction feeder?

What are the friction feeder options at MFT Automation?

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The Best Automated Labeling Method for High Speed Labeling

Manually labeling products works fine at a small production volume but once production increases even slightly, labeling becomes a monumental and tedious task. Automating a labeling system can seem like a daunting investment but the increase in productivity and savings on wages makes the return on investment worth it. Depending on the application, budget, and demand, high-speed labeling is a valuable option for companies to increase their productivity. High-speed labeling is an option for most applications, including labeling boxes, bottles, scratch-off games, Unique Device Identification (UDI) codes, Universal Product Codes (UPC), and more.

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