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Introducing the New MFT Tray Former

Nov 14, 2023 11:51:05 AM / by Lily Enzler

MFT Automation is proud to announce our newest packaging solution, the MFT Tray Former. Our latest innovation is compatible with MFT Friction Feeders, Robotic technology, and other automation equipment to create a full packaging system. A common bottleneck in packaging production, The tray forming as a manual process can be tedious and the final assembled trays can have varying quality depending on human error and work ethic of the workers. The MFT Tray Former quickly assembles trays with repeatable accuracy and precision for quality results.

Cardboard Trays stacked on top of each other


In a full packaging system, the MFT Tray Former increases efficiency, producing assembled trays for the next step of the production process. A servo-driven ram assembly guides tray blanks through the three-stage die assembly to form the tray. The hot glue melt system with Nordson glue guns secures the tabs and siding of the trays. The fully assembled Tray is then delivered to the next step in the packaging process. An example of a common downstream application is pick and place robots insert products into the open tray as it moves past on a conveyor belt. 

“We are very excited to introduce this new technology to the market,” said President Peter Nordling. “We have been working very hard behind the scenes to enhance our product lines, and this technology is something we feel compliments our existing product lines perfectly.”


Pick and place robotic arm placing containers into cardboard trays

The MFT Tray Former boasts these key features:

  • Compact and mobile design - fits into tight spaces and existing production lines
  • Built for tough industrial environments
  • Compatible with any size MFT Friction Feeder - runs a wide range of product sizes
  • Highly customizable to fit specific applications and needs
  • Pneumatic flaps with LoTo air supply regulation
  • OSHA-compliant safe-guarding with interlocked door
  • Accurate count using double-detect and overlap detection
  • Hot melt glue system uses Nordson glue gun

📄 Get the full specs and details on the MFT Tray Former: Download the Spec Sheet

Detailed illustration of the MFT Tray Former

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Lily Enzler

Written by Lily Enzler

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