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Unpacking Multifeeder's Core Values: A Framework for Innovation and Success

Mar 1, 2021 11:39:19 AM / by Lily Enzler

In a recent blog post, we shared our purpose with you; the Multifeeder Technology Way. A very important part of our purpose is our people. We make it a priority to hire and collaborate with people who support our purpose but also live by our core values. Why do we do this? Because we’ve found that when you create a vision and set of values that an entire company is behind, success and innovation are quick to follow. 

Keep reading to learn about our core values and the framework that we credit our many years of success.

Why Core Values are Important 

At the heart of every organization are the values that define their identity and actions. Some companies don’t have their core values written out while other companies will loudly proclaim their core values on plaques, hiring materials, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. But actions speak louder than words; a good company doesn’t need their core values on every wall in the office for you to know what they value. You see a company’s core values in the way they handle projects and how they treat their customers and employees. 

"Core Values" written on chalk board

In manufacturing, it can be easy for a company to get caught up in the successful technical aspects of projects and then forget about the underlying human aspects that keep the company running smoothly. The core values of a manufacturing company humanize success and hold people accountable for the success (or failure) of a project rather than just the technical superiority or inferiority of a product. Core values spell out these human qualities that make a company’s process successful.

Successful companies use their core values to make business decisions. To make good business decisions everyone in the company needs to be on the same page and working towards the same vision. In the manufacturing industry, there can sometimes be a disconnect between all the vastly different departments. Core values help link all the different departments; sales, engineering, production, customer service, and management, to work towards the same goal.  

As companies become more successful and grow, hiring someone who fits your company culture is important to maintain company cohesion. Having solid core values not only aids you identify qualified hires but also attracts candidates who already share your values. Our General Manager, Peter Nordling, talks about the importance of Multifeeder’s core values,

“We have identified the core values in our team, that when we are living these core values we are being our best. When we are living these core values, we are more productive through enhanced trust, collaboration, and engagement. By focusing on these values, we are attracting the right people to our team and we are holding accountability and pushing away people who should not be on our team. Having the right people on the team improves every aspect of our process and business.”

At Multifeeder Technology, our core values help us stand out as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automation systems.

Our Core Values and Vision Statement

Multifeeder Technology's Core Values are:

  • Team
  • Focus
  • Integrity
  • Customer Collaborative
  • Innovation

Multifeeder core values: Team, Focus, Integrity, Customer Collaborative, Innovation

Multifeeder Technology was founded with the vision to: “Create a better quality of life through innovation and automation”. Our core values help maintain the high standard of quality in our work and products that push us closer to success in achieving our mission and sets us apart from the competition.

How do core values impact the vision of a manufacturing company?

Core values at manufacturing companies highlight the company’s priorities. These priorities become vision and mission statements that set goals for the company. The combination of core values, vision statements, and mission statements all set expectations for customers. If a manufacturing company has a core value of sustainability, for example, the customer can expect the company to make greener decisions during their project, such as using less paper during the process. The customer can also expect that the company has focused initiatives to make a greener work environment and world. The vision and mission statements are proclamations of the “final destination”  or an end goal and therefore the core values are “the roadmap” for any decision a company makes to get to achieve that end goal.

Ingrained in everything we do, Mulifeeder’s core values aren’t just words in our employee handbook, they are our cultural cornerstones. These values guide our team to ensure our customers get the best experience, competent resources, and quality contacts. We take pride in following our core values and using them as a road map for success. This roadmap is also sometimes referred to as the MFT Proven Process.

The MFT Proven Process

At Multifeeder Technology, we employ only the best to uphold our values that are the foundation of the Multifeeder Technology Proven Process. Every project we do follows our proven process and supports the overall vision of our company. We are engaged every step of the way as we work collaboratively with our customers to create innovative solutions. Every Multifeeder employee works hard with integrity and as a team player to see the solution to fruition. We’ve spent years refining, and perfecting this process. Whether a project is small or large, simple or complex, the MFT Proven Process finds success by following our core values and working closely with customers to develop a relationship as well as a solution. Learn more about our process in this blog post we recently shared.

Multifeeder’s process has seen success with countless customers. Put our process to the test. Click the button below to contact us to begin the process and see our core values in action.

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